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About Copper Accent, LLC
Copper Accent,LLC was established in 2020 and operates in Rio Rancho, New Mexico by creating one-of-a-kind copper decor intended for indoor living spaces.

How it Began
With a hobby of making home furnishings from both wood and metal for the past several decades but too busy with a day job to allow pursuit of starting a business, retirement and a move to New Mexico in 2019 provided the opportunity to seriously consider turning a hobby into a business.

The objective for this new business was to provide local, uniquely designed art that could easily fit in a southwestern home with an emphasis upon copper as a key element in the design.

But the interest in working with copper began many years earlier back in the 1960s when I lived next to a church in Wisconsin that was having a copper steeple built. The builders left pieces of scrap copper in the parking lot, which I picked up and made a few simple items. That's how the interest began.

Later, after high school, a job at a metal fabrication shop making custom industrial products fed my interest in metal work. After that, I worked in IT for a few decades from which I retired in 2019. But during that period in IT there were projects in my spare time involving the use of copper, such as this copper chimney enclosure at my previous home in 2016.

I have always enjoyed making unique projects that were not found in stores or online and knew others probably had the same desire to own something that was unique and didn't have the look of being mass-produced by someone far away who had no real connection to the final product or customer.

Copper Dragonfly A copper dragonfly on plant sculpture. This piece stands about 24" high and is mounted in a black epoxy base.



Current Collection and How to Purchase

Please note that I do have additional artwork which might not be included in the photos below. As of August 2022 this is how you can purchase my artwork:

  • Visit Amapola in the Old Town district of Albuquerque. It is open seven days a week, 10am-5pm.
  • I will be participating in the Sandia Heights Art Tour held Sept 17 & 18 and will be setup with my display.
  • Call or text me at: 262-914-6158 to request a price quote or inquire about availability of a specific product. I look forward to talking with you!

Barnwood frame with copper finishing Barnwood mirror and coat rack frame with copper flame finishing Barnwood mirror and coat rack frame with copper flame finishing

This barn wood style mirror coat rack with copper accent pieces measures 16" x 24" on the outside edges. Wood framing material is 3.5" wide. Total weight is approximately 7lbs. Although the same finishing technique is used for the wood and copper there will be slight variation between each mirror created. Keyhole mounting to firmly attach to wall. Copper is clear coated to preserve color.

Barnwood mirror and coat rack frame with copper flame finishing Barnwood mirror and coat rack frame with copper flame finishing

Barn wood frame with copper vine Barn wood mirror frame with copper vine Barn wood mirror frame with copper vine

Pine frame with barnwood-style and crackled paint finish. Copper vine with leaves combine patina finish and glass enameling. Frame is intended to be hung at an angle so that no edge is exactly horizontal. Copper is clear coated to preserve color. Overall dimensions approx 36"w x 29"h.

Barn wood mirror frame with copper vine Barn wood mirror frame with copper vine

Copper sheetmetal frame mirror with patinas Copper sheetmetal frame closeup of corner Copper sheetmetal frame mirror with patinas

Copper sheetmetal formed around a solid wood frame and treated with chemicals to produce unique and interesting patina. Hammered corner copper sections are attached to frame to add interest to the design. Framing is 4" in width. Overall outside dimension of frame is 18" x 28" and weighs approx. 9 lbs. Copper is clear coated to preserve color.

Copper sheetmetal frame mirror with patinas Copper sheetmetal frame mirror with patinas

Copper vine Copper cactus sculpture Copper quail and copper cactus

These products can easily be customized

Copper quail on board Copper pueblo village



Common Questions

  • Do you do custom work? It depends upon what the project is and equipment needed to do the job. The type of artwork shown on my website is the type of work that I prefer to do. A contract would be signed and a 50% deposit would be required.
  • Can these products be displayed outside? In general, my work is intended for indoor placement only.

    I use a clearcoat finish intended for indoor environments to preserve the colors. If placed outdoors, the impact of the sun's direct UV rays, heat, rain, and blowing sand will affect the copper finish to some extent over time so placement in an unprotected area is not recommended, unless you want a weathered patina to develop.

    Any repairs to restore the original colors would be done at an additional expense to the customer. When I do make a product intended for outdoor placement, a widely used outdoor clearcoat product such as Permalac or Incralac will be used. Since these clearcoat products cost much more than interior clearcoat products, the final price of the artwork will be a bit higher. If you choose to display any of these indoor products in a location exposed to the weather, it is best to choose a location that minimizes the impact of the hot sun and moisture. Note that surfaces on on which glass enamel coating is used will not experience color fade.

  • How can my artwork be purchased? Directly from me by appointment only or at area businesses. Contact me to find out where they are currently available.
  • Will you make an exact copy of another piece? Sorry, but each piece that I make is considered unique. Although I may use the same finishing and construction of any one piece there will be some variation in terms of shape and coloration between similar pieces.
  • Will you invoice? No. All sales must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • Will you ship? Shipping has become very expensive and too much to just build into my prices. I will ship to lower forty eight states. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. No returns are accepted unless shipping box and contents are received in damaged condition, photographed and I am notified within one day of shipment receipt to arrange return shipping. In the case of receiving damaged goods, the customer does not pay for shipping returned artwork.


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